Carbon Footprints Explained

What is a carbon footprint anyway?

Everyday, we all use power in one form or another. We light and heat our homes, sometimes needlessly. We drive to work when maybe, we don’t have to. Or maybe, when you make a cup of tea, you fill the kettle to the top for one cup. All these things use power, the more power we consume the more CO² collects in the atmosphere. This is something that most of us are aware of. But most of us have probably not considered how we can look into reducing these CO² emissions by using less power.

So what have feet got to do with this?

A carbon footprint is a measurement (in tonnes) of CO² emissions that is generated by people and how much power they consume and how much they drive a car or use public transport, some road cars and public transport are now becoming greener, but the majority is still a hazard to the environment. The average annual measurement of CO² emissions from a UK household is around 10 tonnes.

Where do we go from here?

Below is a list of links offering you more information about carbon reduction. We also urge you to try one of the carbon footprint calculators.


Environmental Agency: – 08708 506506
Friends of the Earth: – 020 7490 1555
The Carbon Trust:
Carbon Footprint:

Calculators Carbon Footprint – Carbon Calculator: