BMG Awarded contract by Amey

The Business Moves Group were awarded the contract by Amey to carry out move management and relocation services of 3 existing secondary schools and 1 Academy to their fantastic new build in Bradford as part of phase 2 of Bradford BSF.

The principal reasons The Business Moves Group were awarded the contract was down to the vast amount of experience the Business Moves Group could bring to the project, due to our proven track record within the BSF market place and also as a result of the high levels of service BMG delivered within phase 1 of Bradford BSF in 2008.

The entire project will consist of the relocation of in excess of over 14,000 LC3 packing crates and a wide variety of teaching aids from all curriculums within the 3 secondary schools and 1 Academy.

To ensure continuity and longevity Graham Hardy was once again appointed as the Account Manager for the project, working alongside a team of move managers they not only integrated into Amey’s project team but also the schools migration teams to work with all parties to define a detailed scope of works and also devise a bespoke labeling system.The project commenced with the relocation of UAK’s existing school to their new facility and the decant consisted of the relocation of over 3,000 LC3 packing crates and a high degree of teaching aids. As a result of BMG not been able to conduct the decant when the school was not operational which resulted in BMG delivering the project over evening shifts it was imperative that a defined scope of works was agreed to ensure that not only was the relocation conducted within the allocated time scales but also ensure the school suffered zero downtime.

Through detailed planning with the school BMG agreed that we would commence on site at the end of the school day and work through into the evening to ensure that all areas within the defined scope of works were successfully relocated in the above time period.As a result of the detailed planning that was implemented prior to the decant with the Amey project team and also the schools migration team BMG ensured that the Academy was successfully decanted into the new facility in the allocated timescales which resulted in the school being fully operational on the defined dates but also the project was delivered within the forecasted costs.

Both the Amey project team and Dave Copeland from the school commented they had been sceptical that the scope of works could be delivered as planned but through the high levels of planning and the outstanding flexibility of the service delivery team BMG had ensured that a difficult project had been conducted in a seamless manner.

BMG have already commenced the detailed planning of the 3 remaining schools to be decanted which were once again all have to be delivered within term time and also ensure that the schools suffer zero downtime to the business. The forecasted dates for the 3 remaining projects are within June and July.