Anthony Collins LLP

BMG were responsible for executing a detailed internal relocation for Anthony Collins LLP across three floors of their building, this was to be done over the course of the Royal Wedding Bank Holiday weekend. After several planning meetings involving every department affected, the BMG sales and project management teams produced the move schedule required to ensure that the 170 members of Anthony Collins staff involved were able to arrive back at their newly located desks on Tuesday 03rd May with no impact or interruption to their business continuity.

After being contacted by Anthony Collins in December 2011 who were in the process of discussing the viability of a large internal churn consisting of staff, IT and bulk filing, Michael Downs of BMG Birmingham was asked to meet with them and provide guidance from the relocation provider’s aspect. During the discussion over the viability of the move and how if decided upon it could be done in one long weekend, Michael suggested the use of Sampson Carts and explained the advantages of this system.After carrying out detailed surveys and attending several planning meetings Michael devised and presented the implementation plan that formed the basis for the entire project. Once the format of the move was agreed by the client we appointed Jason Page to the role of moves manager with Michael overseeing the work as Project Manager.

The relocation was completed on time and to budget and was described by Louise Ducker of Anthony Collins as excellent.