Bulldog Aircraft Move

BMG Glasgow recently moved the Aeronautical Studies training centre of James Watt College in Greenock.

The training centre had the usual classroom and office support materials that BMG are used to moving on a regular basis.

The thing that made this relocation interesting was the need to transfer a fully built Bulldog aircraft used in the training of future aircraft maintenance engineers.

In order to get the aircraft out of the training room and onto the back of a vehicle for the transfer to the main college campus BMG employed the services of an aircraft technician who dismantled the wings and tail fin.The aircraft was then carefully handled and maneuvered onto the street and lifted onto a flat-bed lorry using craneage slings.

The aircraft was carefully checked each step of the way and the BMG foreman responsible for the condition of the aircraft kept in touch with the banksman and hi-ab driver by mobile phone throughout the lifting exercise.

On completion of the relocation the Project Manager Kerr Gray expressed his relief at the hassle free way that BMG had executed the move.