Network Rail

70 x Staff Internal Relocation

To enable desk reconfigurations.

Move Management Services

Data capture, pre printed labels, on site supervision during the moves and post move assistance.

IT Services

Decom and recom of 70 PCs and post move assistance.

Scope of Works


To collect up all the busibags and store in a holding area, de-commission 70 PCs, wrap and store in a holding area.


Vitra to carry out desk reconfigurations.


Relocate the busibags and IT from the holding area to proposed desks and recommission.

Post Move Assistance

IT was not originally to move however on the Friday afternoon it became apparent that to enable Vitra (Furniture installations) to be able to re-configure the proposed desk layout IT would need to be moved. We engaged the team and had them on site at for Friday Evening to disconnect and Sunday to reconnect.

Moves completed and successful for the Monday morning.

Crate free move, approximately 100 busibags were used.

Regular client.