Six Town Housing

Relocation of 200+ staff from 3 buildings in Bury/Bolton to one new purpose built building in Bury. Completed over 3 Phases (2 phases being done this weekend).

The main move consisting of the relocation of chairs, Directors furniture, plus meeting room furniture. BMG also provided a dedicated team to decomm all IT and phones which involved the removal of monitor stands and the fitting to new Monitor arms on desks. Plus the relocation of server equipment. This was completed over a period of Tuesday – Sunday, incorporating a evening/night shift on the Friday.

We also provided a dedicated team to pack, move and unpack 40,000 house files and relocate the 42 x 7ft tambour units which would not fit in the lifts.

The moves were from Ground and 1st Floors to a 6 storey building.

We also provided a post move snagging team.

This move involved detailed planning with the client and both pre and post move meetings took place.

The feedback from the client was:

First of all can I say what a hard working and conscientious set of men you have. Our staff were delighted with the way they worked and their professional and helpful attitude. Several made comments about them.