DEFRA / Natural England / RPA

BMG identified an opportunity as part of the clearance / recycling at DEFRA site for the client to engage in an innovative re deployment service via a National UK partner. BMG are able to offer the client a truly unique service which incorporates the resale of a high degree of redundant furniture which subsequently raises valuable revenue, reduces costs and reduces the client’s carbon footprint and maximises re-use within the local community.

The Challenge

The project involved the clearance of unwanted workstations, tables, chairs, pedestals, cabinets, racking, bookcases, 4 draw filing cabinets, desks, lateral cabinets, meeting room furniture, contents of mail room to include an x-ray machine and also a high degree of desk top printers, which equates to 1,500 pieces of furniture and equipment to clear from DEFRA’s Northallerton site. The site had to be cleared within 10 days of relocating staff to York and Newcastle.

The Solution

The resale to the local community of 950 units of furniture and equipment. A considerable reduction in DEFRA’s carbon footprint by not recycling but reusing the above units 450 pieces of furniture redistributed to local charities or recycled resulting in zero landfill and all CSR being fulfilled with auditable documentation provided.

The Benefits

£9,500.00 worth of revenue being raised through the sale of redundant furniture and equipment. Estimated value of £70,000 far market value pumped back into the local community through the sale of redundant furniture and equipment:

  • 100% landfill diversion
  • Approximately 9,558C02e avoidance
  • DEFRA vastly reducing their carbon footprint