IT Moves


BMG IT teams use our IT Audit Sheet to track the movement of the equipment. This is completed by the IT Teams prior to decommissioning commencing to record the equipment to be moved at each desk location, its condition any specific information necessary. On recommission it is checked and signed off at the end of the move by the Team leader. It groups the individual pieces of kit for each user into a manageable heading and tracks everything by the CPU asset number. If this is unavailable, then the User’s name & origin desk number will be the tracking header. If a machine fails to boot to logon prompt, then the IT Mover makes a note of it both here and on the IT Move Sheet. The IT Team Leader will attempt to fix any faults. If this fails, then the machine is flagged by way of a Business Moves label and we will notify the BG IT team for this to be rectified.



Prior to loading, the IT Team will:

  • Check machine is working and power off.
  • Ensure the IT Move Sheet has been completed.
  • Check that labeling is accurate on the equipment.
  • Disconnect all general cabling and unplug network cable, noting connection port numbers if required.
  • De-cable the desk where required.
  • Place all loose items (keyboard, mouse, network & cabling) into an IT keyboard bag.
  • Ensure duplicate labels are clearly attached.
  • Team Member to initial the IT Move Sheet, and place into IT bag with cabling.
  • Team Leader to hand over “Ready-Kit” to Move team, to be packed up with anti-static bubble bags and placed into cages.



Delivery & Re-commissioning

  • Correct desk positioning to be checked against labeling.
  • IT Move Sheet to be checked and the device(s) will be placed and set up as per the original desk set up.
  • CPU to be fitted into desking cradle if required.
  • Connect all power cables where specified, and connect data cable to selected port.
  • Power up and check connectivity to ensure the server is found. A successful test being a logon prompt.
  • Run additional test script as required.
  • Run cables through the desk and tidy to agreed cable management specification.
  • Team member signs IT Move Sheet and hands to Team Leader.
  • Team Leader compiles final run on IT Audit Sheet and signs off shift.