IT Solutions

Hit the ground running

Getting your business-critical IT systems fully functional and ready to go when you are, our IT consultants work closely with your own IT staff to make it all run like clockwork. Prior to packing we conduct a full audit which includes hardware voice and data ports, voice over IP, and consultation with all stakeholders. All hardware is packed, sealed and stored for maximum security and protection during your move. We then take the opportunity to clean all your IT equipment whilst it is not in use and where appropriate we also conduct Pat testing as a matter of course. A full decommissioning and re-commissioning service is available with out-of-hours working.

Flight Cases & GPS Tracking

BMG have invested heavily in the supply of flight cases and GPS tracking, this system allows are clients to track , not only the vehicle containing their sensitive or high value items, but also the container holding them.

Should the container and the vehicle become separated our advanced state of the art system will be able to track both.

BMG Flight Case
GPS tracking


Server Moves


Server relocation, Server removals and re-installation, Computer room installtion. A dedicated team of specialists will decommission and recommission your server and associated equipment.



For all cabling, server room set-up and diagnostics, we use our in-house specialist IT division called BMG CoNex.