IT/Server/Cabling moves

BMG operatives have been highly trained over a number of years to carry out the relocation, delivery and installation of high value electronic equipment in the market of photocopiers, bank cash machines, ATMs, Servers, industrial control panels, medical equipment and IT kit.

In depth professional training by equipment manufacturers and their agents has enabled our operatives to implement specialist moving methods using the latest handling equipment which has led to BMG being ideally placed to partner organisations that need to get their sensitive equipment delivered, re-sited or collected around the UK.

Our skillset extends to cabling server cabinets, cabling from servers to floor boxes, reconnecting transferred IT with QA testing, transfer of large and heavy items up stairs using stair-climbers and re-installation of photocopiers and printers.

We invest heavily in the most advanced trucks in our industry to provide the very best in secure transit for this type of equipment. Each truck is built to an IT industry specification including Air-Ride suspension, padded interiors with load-locking systems and a heating and cooling system to suit all types of equipment.

BMG operatives provide meticulous attention to detail, our diligent staff understand the vital importance of maintaining audit trails and recording a full chain of custody for your equipment, ensuring all legal requirements are met in terms of risk assessments, method statements and legal compliance.

BMG is very different to other relocation companies operating in this field, we will only keep our vehicles for a maximum of 5 years so that they are always in great condition and fit for purpose.

Our modifications and innovations keep BMG at the forefront of the Technical Distribution sector, we have listened to our client feedback and have invested and developed our equipment to deliver excellent service.

With our experienced staff, custom built vehicles, innovative handling equipment and bespoke packing materials we make the relocation process safe, compliant, seamless and successful.

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