We move your business not just your facilities; protecting your reputation, preserving your relationships and getting your future off to a flying start. Taking full ownership from the outset and delivering uncompromising quality, service and value, we offer a service that has all the answers to relocation.

Some FAQs

Who organises my move?

From day one you will be appointed a designated Moves Manager. The choice of manager very much depends on which sector or type of move you plan to make. All of our Move Managers are highly trained and have extensive experience of move management. They will be fully supported by a team of professionals including an Account Executive, a Service Delivery Executive, a Security and Compliance Manager, a Team Leader, Porters, Drivers and admin.

Your main point of contact however will always be the Moves Manager and he or she will provide constant progress reports, feedback and programme updates as the move progresses as well as activities for the forthcoming period with any contingent actions for any foreseen issues.

What happens to my move in the event of an unforeseen accident?

BMG Operations Team have rigorous systems in place and strategic partnerships for both vehicle and labour support, to ensure that in the event of an accident or emergency, BMG are able to fulfill any operational requirements within a specified time frame. We have a comprehensive business continuity plan a full copy of which is available on request.

How do I know what I am paying for?

BMG are happy to operate on a completely open book policy with clients.

We work on a set net operating profit.

BMG will provide a managed information report at the end of each month to identify where management time has been spent, what savings we are able to represent to the client and any change control sign offs that have been approved.

Our Project Managers are trained to ensure total control over change and budget, all changes to spend must be fully authorised and signed off by the client. This ensures there are no nasty surprises at project close out.

We are committed to providing a fair days work for a fair days pay. We want to work with you in partnership and trust.

Can I track my assets during and after the move?

BMG offer all clients a bespoke asset tracking portal which can be securely accessed by the client at any time to track and control the movement of assets to any site. The portal will be individually designed in accordance with the client’s own requirements. There is usually a charge for this service but it represents very high value.